Why Cinematography Is Important For Your Wedding

            Your wedding day is a monumental event in your life, and it is certainly a milestone when you join your life with that of the one with which you are head over heels in love.  One of the first thoughts that a couple has when they are planning their wedding is booking a photographer so they will have professional photos to remember the occasion.  However, wedding videography is on the rise over the past couple of years, and this is absolutely a service that you should give serious thought to, and here’s why.

            There is something timeless about reliving your wedding day in motion rather than just viewing photographs of one moment in time.  Watching your wedding video will evoke similar emotions that you felt on that special day itself, and this is something that you will be able to view over and over again for years to come.  Just imagine…years from now, you and your significant other are hanging out on a Friday night and can’t decide on what you should watch.  While browsing your movie collection, out of the corner of your eye, your wedding film on a customized blu-ray disc catches your eye.  The both of you are in the mood for reminiscing, so you pop the disc in its player and are taken back to the day the two of you tied the knot.

            Not only is this something that you will have for the rest of your life to watch whenever you would like, the film itself packs such incredible detail and catches everything you were unable to see on your wedding day.  Face it…you will be overwhelmed with everything that you have to do leading up to your ceremony, and with all of the commotion, we hear brides often say that the day was just a blur.  It will all flash before your eyes and those moments would normally be gone forever.  That’s where we come in.  We are there to capture the smallest of details from a subtle kiss to the variety of decorations and arrangements that adorn your chosen wedding venue.

            Your wedding film will allow you to see a third-person perspective of yourself from a multitude of angles.  You’ll be able to watch your ceremony from many different viewpoints, and we will capture everything that you weren’t even aware happened.  Our videos are tied in with a hand-selected music track that matches the theme and feel of your wedding, and scenes are cut and arranged to flow with the music.  This is an all-inclusive experience from start to finish delivered to you on a blu-ray disc that has been custom fitted with photos of you and your love.  This day is all about you, and our mission is to capture that to its fullest extent and deliver it to you in the highest of high definition quality.

William Kohls

Whole Heart Studios, Baltimore, MD

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