The Joy of Concert Videography

Our true love is filming weddings, but in between the schedule that keeps us busy year-round, we squeeze in other events for filming.  From real estate to commercial work, we take pride in everything that we film – even the multitude of concerts that we have captured with our sister company, Point of View Recordings.

We have filmed shows all over the state of North Carolina for the love of the music, and it is always a pleasure to be able to work with bands that spread messages of love, hope, and peace.  One of our proudest moments in filming concerts was the work we did for Matisyahu, a Jewish, reggae/hip-hop artist.

Matisyahu’s tour ventured through Charlotte, NC and stopped at The Fillmore.  This venue has a perfect setup for shows from crystal-clear sound quality to aesthetically-pleasing additions, such as the giant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  As you can see in our recording, Matisyahu feels right at home on The Fillmore’s illustrious stage and delivers an energetic performance that leaves the crowd wanting more.

We filmed this show using three DSLR cameras and a GoPro that we had strapped onstage.  Everything from setting up the appropriate angles for the best shot, adjusting settings on the fly to account for the constant change in the level of lighting, as well as facing any other situation that might suddenly arise during the recording process of a concert takes a lot of coordination.  We would not have it any other way though because that coordination is ultimately what helps us deliver a high quality product.

Concerts are a change of pace from the weddings that we film throughout the year.  One thing remains in common though – we are capturing timeless events that would not exist after they are over were we not there to help document it in a quality that is professional and cinematic.

William Kohls

Whole Heart Studios, Baltimore, MD

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