Our Three Favorite Proposal Videos

We at Whole Heart Studios love seeing the stories of how couples became engaged.  There are tons of videos online where you can see these stories unfold as they happen.  There is a depth of emotion within each video, and it is clear to see just how special these moments are.  We have picked out a few of our favorites, and with that being said, get your tissues ready!

Dave and Shanna met initially in a church group, but connected for the first time through a friend request on Facebook.  Their proposal video consists of Dave convincing Shanna that she is helping him with a video for his job, however, she is actually the focal point of the video as she sits on a stool in the middle of a field watching the video that Dave put together.  He pours his heart out to her and even includes asking for her parents’ blessing.  At the end of the video, he proposes to her in that field.

This next video is of a very genuine wedding proposal in which a man asks for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.  Through the help of some friends (including a little boy and girl), different masks and attire are worn that match the tempo of what the man is saying.  It is a very tender video, and you can feel just how sincere he is through his words.

Jake and Aly’s proposal video takes place on the sands of a beach.  Aly is taken by complete surprise as Jake brings her to a spot on the beach with candles and pictures formed in the outline of a heart.  The whole time he is proposing and Aly is taking in the sight, a photographer is snapping photos to capture the raw emotion on Aly’s face.  That moment is capitalized on once a puppy is brought into the video which heightens her excitement.

These few proposal videos are just a small example of why we enjoy the stories behind each couple.  The opportunity that we are given to film the story on the day when the couples’ lives are joined together is one in which we are forever grateful.  There is nothing quite as powerful as the emotions felt when seeing two loving people come together as one.


We we did not film these proposal videos, but we at Whole Heart Studios love sharing them.

William Kohls

Whole Heart Studios, Baltimore, MD

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