Rachel and David Smith

Rachel and David Smith - Wrightsville Beach Wedding

It was the morning of October 10th, 2015, and as we drove up to the scenic Shell Island Inn, we knew it was going to be a great day for a wedding.  While Rachel and David were each getting ready in their respective rooms, we ventured out to the beachfront to get some shots of the North Carolina autumn coast.  There were only a few people on the beach, and we could see the inn employees setting up for the couple’s beautiful beach ceremony.  

After capturing some video of the crashing waves and sandy dunes, we headed up to Rachel’s room to see how getting ready was going.  As the girls started getting into their bridesmaids dresses, we realized that one thing was missing—shoes!  To keep with the beachfront theme, the bridesmaids were all going to be barefoot for the ceremony.  Now that’s dedication!

As the time for the big event drew closer, so did some ominous-looking clouds.  The sky grew progressively darker, and we soon found out that the wedding was going to be moved inside.  But that didn’t get in the way of Rachel and David’s amazing day.  Chairs were rearranged, the guests were informed, and soon enough everyone was eagerly awaiting Rachel’s walk down the aisle.  She looked beautiful in her stunning white dress and her starfish hair ornaments.  And David was smiling from ear to ear in his grey suit and—you guessed it—flip flops!  

The ceremony was heartfelt and happy, and the couple spent the rest of the night dancing and enjoying the company of their family and friends.  Best wishes, Rachel and David!  

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