Wedding Video: Don't regret not having one

Wedding Video can change the way you remember your wedding--for the better

Here at Whole Heart Studios, we may be a little biased when we tell you that hiring a wedding videographer will make your wedding day a million times better.  But take it from the experts (and these statistics)--the best way to remember one of the best days of your life is by watching it from the eyes of your closest family and friends. 

These days, almost every wedding couple hires a professional photographer.  Yet some are still afraid to spend the extra cash on a videographer.  Here's why it pays to hire someone to document your amazing day on film:

1. Brides recommend it and regret not having it

This article from The Knot features tons of feedback from brides that say wedding video is an absolute MUST!  From remembering relatives that are no longer with us to being able to relive all of the moments that you may have missed, having a professional wedding videographer at your wedding can make your memories of your day last for decades!

Another article from Brides lists not having a videographer as one of the 7 biggest regrets from a couples' wedding day.  Nobody wants to regret something from their wedding day.  Hire a videographer and spend time enjoying reliving your amazing memories instead of regretting something that could have been!

2.  Highlight films are a quick easy way for everyone to relive your day

In this age of social media, we can share moments with each other just by clicking a button.  Huffington Post lists wedding highlight films as one of the top trends of 2016.  Why?  Because a highlight film is a short film that is quickly produced and that you can share on Facebook, via email, on your personal website, etc.  Let family and friends relive a few minutes of your day with you while the memories are still fresh!  Plus, guests that were unable to attend can see the amazing moments that they missed.  Most couples will also opt for a longer film as well that usually takes a bit longer to create and can be shared later on!

3. Audio makes all the difference

One of our favorite reasons for hiring a wedding videographer is from this Wedding Wire article--it's the fact that you can actually hear your day played back for you.  You will be able to not only watch but also listen your vows, the toasts, your first dance song, and so much more.  A wedding film will give you the opportunity to listen to an older relative's voice again, even after they have passed on.  It will let you hear the laughter of a best friend, even after you have moved far away.  It will give you the opportunity to listen to your spouse promise their love to you, even decades after your magical day.  

So if you're considering hiring a wedding videographer for your special day, do it!!  And if you're not, please think again.  We promise it will be worth it to be able to watch and listen to the most amazing moments of your wedding day for so many years to come.  



William Kohls

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