Wedding Engagement Photo Shoots--Bring Your Pet!

A lot of couples think of an engagement shoot as just the two of them, but if you are a couple with pets, consider bringing him, her, or them(!) along.  After all, pets are a part of your family and will be a big part of your married life together!  Plus, they are so darn cute.  If you do decide to bring your pet(s) along, here are some tips we’ve learned from our pet-friendly engagement shoots!

  1. Bring treats and/or toys

    Not every pet likes getting their picture taken.  In fact, your pet probably has no clue what a camera is or does and so therefore doesn’t realize he or she needs to stare right at it (or at least in the camera’s general direction).  And so, we deploy the secret weapon—distractions.  Bring your pet’s favorite toy or treat so that we can hold it near/around the camera, drawing your pet’s attention right where it needs to be!

  2. Bring a leash/carrier

    Even if your pet is the best-behaved pet in the whole world, he or she may get tired, restless, or just plain bored.  If you are planning on doing an hour or longer shoot, there will most likely come a time when your pet needs to take a break and do their own thing.  If you bring a leash or carrier, your pet can “chill” right nearby (with their favorite treat/toy from Tip 1) while we snap a few photos of just the humans.

  3. Primp your pet

    Consider grooming Fluffy before your shoot.  You’re probably going to dress yourself up for your photos, so don’t forget your pets want to look good too!  Even something simple like a bath and brushing can go a long way in terms of making your pet look so fresh and so clean-clean in your professional engagement photos.  If your pet is of the non-furry variety (like the family iguana or something), well, maybe skip the brushing.

If you are considering bringing a pet (or pets) to your engagement session, just make sure to let your photographer know.  We love animals and are happy to work with you and your pets in an animal-friendly location to produce some awesome engagement photos!

William Kohls

Whole Heart Studios, Baltimore, MD

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