Amy and Adam Philadelphia Wedding Trailer

It was a cool and windy day in the city of brotherly love, but as we carried our camera gear into the lobby of the beautiful Sofitel Hotel, we knew it would be the perfect day for a wedding.  Amy and Adam were upstairs getting ready for the first look in their respective rooms, and there was a buzz in the air that can only be felt on the day of a wedding ceremony--the buzz of excitement and love.

When Amy was almost ready, Adam was ushered downstairs to wait on the landing for his bride to arrive.  Amy floated down the staircase in her beautiful white dress, and tapped Adam on the shoulder.  Their love and excitement was easy to capture, and soon we were on the way, wedding party in tow, to take some outdoor photos against the backdrop of downtown Philadelphia. 

On our way to the shoot, Amy and Adam certainly stood out in their wedding dress and tuxedo.  Horns honked and bystanders yelled their congratulations to the couple as we paraded down the busy sidewalks.  Everyone loves a wedding!  The groomsmen lent their suit jackets to the bridesmaids so that they could stay warm as we made our way through the cold afternoon air.  We would soon see that it was worth the walk--the historic architecture of Philadelphia City Hall made for an amazing backdrop to Amy and Adam's wedding photos and video.

Back at the Sofitel, everyone was getting ready for the big event--the Bluestein wedding ceremony.  A string quartet played as each member of the wedding party walked down the aisle, followed finally by Amy, who looked absolutely dazzling!  After the couple had said their vows, Adam interrupted the rabbi to give Amy a special surprise--he had decided to give Amy a second wedding band.  As he slipped the ring onto Amy's finger, her huge smile showed her surprise and delight at receiving this beautiful diamond-encrusted ring.

Once the ceremony was over, everyone headed to the cocktail hour while the ceremony hall was transformed into a beautiful dining room and dance floor.  And that dance floor did not go unused!  Amy and Adam's wedding guests definitely love to dance!  The live band played well into the night and as everyone danced and sang, we filmed all of the excitement, knowing that this would make for one fabulous wedding film. 

William Kohls

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