Creative Cakes for your wedding day

Awesome wedding cake ideas from the experts.  (Trust us, we've eaten a lot of wedding cake.)

Okay, let's face it.  Wedding cake is pretty important.  Your guests love you, and they want to celebrate your love, but they also are expecting some pretty awesome dessert at the end of the day.  Whether or not you and your new spouse mash that dessert into each other's faces in front of everyone is a different story.

As one of Maryland's premier wedding photography and cinematography companies, our crew has been to a lot of weddings, and you know what that means--we've eaten a lot of wedding cake!  Here are some of the most awesome cakes we've photographed and filmed (and devoured):

1. Donut cake!

That's right, it was a cake made of donuts.  Duck Donuts from North Carolina, to be exact!  And they were delicious.  The frosting even matched the wedding colors--white, pale pink, and navy donuts arranged on a tiered platter made this wedding dessert one of a kind! 


2. Cupcake cake!

This seems to be a new trend, but we don't hate it!  This Minneapolis wedding featured delicious cupcakes in addition to a small traditional wedding cake.  The best part about cupcakes?  You can have a bunch of different flavors, which means it's easier to please everyone's taste buds!


3. Pie!

Hey, not everybody likes cake.  We filmed a North Carolina wedding where the couple served dozens of different pies--coconut, caramel apple, pecan--and they were all amazing!

William Kohls

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