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At Whole Heart Studios, every wedding that we photograph and film takes our breath away - leaving us speechless in one way or another. Not only does the love shared between Emily and Jeremy astound us, but the destination of their wedding impacted our hearts and minds. They chose a very unique and exciting venue - Mountain Lake Lodge. The very popular movie, Dirty Dancing was filmed here in 1986! How interesting and cool?! The gorgeous Mountain Lake Lodge is located in Pembroke, Virginia. We love locations that have character, and Mountain Lake Lodge sure does! High up in the mountains of this cozy mountain lodge, the sun peaked over the gorgeous mountains bright and early, indicating and setting the mood for the entirety of the day. 

Emily wrote Jeremy letters each day that led up to their big wedding day, and their exchange of words behind those writings are a testament of how they will uphold their vows with one another for the rest of their lives. We became friends with the two of them during the whole process of getting to know the couple and documenting their day, which truly allowed us to let our creative juices flow and craft the most memorable wedding film possible to provide them a lifelong memory. To view Emily and Jeremy's whole wedding film, click here.

Emily and Jeremy are an incredible couple that thrive off each other’s energy and love for one another, which emanates into the lives of their family and friends. We really pushed ourselves for a variety of different shots and ideas, and Emily and Jeremy were completely receptive to everything we had in mind. The icing on the wedding cake was our adventure to the top of the mountain where we captured some breathtaking footage of them at the edge of the cliff face - twinkling sunset and all. Us here at Whole Heart Studios feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to film and photograph The Sanders' special day. It was a remarkable experience filled with sweet memories that we will never forget. View the Sanders' Wedding Film here.

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