Heather and Aaron

The joy of filming a couple never wears off.  Having the opportunity to be a part of a newlywed’s special day is something we always cherish here at Whole Heart Studios.  Everything from the pre-wedding jitters to the breathlessness as the groom watches his bride walk down the aisle are feelings that we strive to captivate and portray in every wedding film.

Heather and Aaron’s wedding is no different, and we were elated to be able to work with them and deliver a film of their wedding day for them that will last them a lifetime.  Their big event took place in Belews Creek, North Carolina on the front lawn of Heather’s parents home.  With a backdrop view of the enormous lake right across the street from them, it was nothing less than a day filled with happiness and tenderhearted moments.

We worked relentlessly throughout the day to capture every tiny detail of the day that both Heather and Aaron did not have time to take in, or would soon forget.  The ceremony was filled with tears as both Heather and Aaron exchanged vows and the most genuine of smiles.  Concluding the ceremony, the real party took place in their backyard as the reception kicked off with games of cornhole, life-sized Jenga, and an open bar and catered meal full of barbeque.  Completing this view was a giant field of flowers which Heather’s parents had planted at the back of their yard featuring an assortment of colors across the spectrum.

This day was special and sacred to Heather and Aaron, and we are beyond excited to be able to help deliver memories that they will watch over and over. Our gratitude is endless towards this wonderful couple for including us on their special day, and we had a blast being able to tie in the details and tell the story of the day their lives joined together.

William Kohls

Whole Heart Studios, Baltimore, MD

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