Silk Wedding Flowers: A Long Term Investment

Spend your money on things that last from your wedding day.

Here at Whole Heart Studios, we know that wedding planning is more than just making lists, calling vendors, and sending invitations.  It's an investment in your life together!  In our opinion, the number one investment you can make as a couple on your wedding day is photography and cinematography.  It offers decades of amazing returns in the form of sharing memories with family and friends, your children, your grandchildren, and basically anyone you want to relive your day with.  But another pretty awesome investment we've seen people making silk flowers.

Some of our readers may be thinking, "Fake flowers on my wedding day?! No way!", but hear us out.  We recently photographed and filmed a wedding that invested in these beautiful silk arrangements, and let us tell you--they looked awesome.  So before you scoff at the idea of ditching fresh for fake, take a look at this list of silk flower pros:

1. They last forever! 

Talk about an awesome keepsake--the exact bridal bouquet that you were holding as you walked down the aisle on one of the happiest days of your life.  Conversely, your best option of saving your fresh flowers would be to dry them, which often will render them extremely fragile and even then they will probably only last a couple of years.

2. They never go out of season. 

Desperate to have orchids at your wedding, but it's the middle of winter and no florist is carrying them (or if they are carrying them, it's at an enormous markup)?  No problem!  Silk flowers have no season!

3.  They can be less expensive than fresh flowers. 

While this isn't always the case (depending on the type and style of flower and bouquet, silk flowers can sometimes out-price even the freshest flowers), silk flowers are often a budget-saver for many brides. 

4.  Easier to carry. 

Silk bouquets are so much lighter than fresh ones!  Your bridesmaids will thank you!

5.  Durability! 

Okay, so it's not the most romantic thought, but silk flowers can stand not only the test of time, but also the test of wedding day chaos.  You can drop them, step on them, and of course, toss them, and they still remain intact!  Plus they won't wilt or require any watering throughout the day.  Talk about girl's best friend.

Here's a picture of one of our brides with her beautiful artificial arrangement.  She even incorporated some burlap accents, which we absolutely loved!

So remember, wedding photos and video aren't the only thing that you can invest in that will last a lifetime--your flowers can too!

Until next time,

The Crew at WHS

William Kohls

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