Jason Piebes said...
Amazingly talented with a passion to help others. I am fortunate to have met Bill Kohls and to have worked with Whole Heart Studios. The project was a video marketing piece for a property in Baldwin, MD. I say video, but the level of skill present in this piece makes it a short film in my book.

We set an appointment for a Sunday afternoon and he arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule to get ready and setup. He has an impressive array of equipment that he used to achieve his shots, something that other photographers I've used do not have. We discussed some of the areas in the property that we wanted to highlight and he was off and running. He managed to film the entire property in about an hour. A couple days later I received a link to the video and I was blown away.
Marketing is a nuanced art and skill and Bill has got the ART and SKILL in spades. For the bottom line folks out there, I paid the same price as I've paid other groups for pro photography, got it back in the same time frame. The difference in the end product is night and day.

As a Realtor, I take pride in working with the best in the industry and offering my clients the best in service. Whole Heart Studios is now an advantage that I will proudly offer to all of my clients.